A Mother’s Mission


Calling all moms and sons! In our overscheduled and digitally obsessed world, carving out time to connect can be tough, and after noticing a lack of bonding opportunities for her and her sons, Mindy Inge leapt into action – and hasn’t looked back. With top-notch talent and fun for all, she welcomes you to join her for this day of coming together through stellar activities, all while raising awareness and funds for a great cause: Wilmer Hall Children’s Home.

By Hayley Hill

For Mobile mom Mindy Inge, her mission was clear. As the Founder and Chair of the Mother/Son Field Day, she shares, “I noticed there were so many mother/daughter teas and dances and father/son golf tournaments, etcetera, but not one single mother/son event. I wanted to change that and had thought about starting such an event since my 8-year-old son was just 1.” Mindy was hesitant to take it on, “but I’m a big believer in signs,” she says. “One day just after talking to my husband about this idea again, I was on a run and saw Mrs. Sally Greene, the retired executive director of Wilmer Hall. I took it as a sign and stopped right there in the street and told her everything. She was on board immediately. The Mother/Son Field Day was meant to be!” And ever since, Mindy has been tirelessly volunteering with Wilmer Hall’s Director of Development, Mae Dennis, and Executive Director Pratt Paterson to help make this event a success.

So, exactly what is the Mother/Son Field Day? “Nowhere else can a mother and son enjoy great one-on-one bonding time, as all our activities are designed to be done with your son,” Mindy explains. “Enjoy field day games, sports clinics run by Heisler Heat Baseball Academy and Quarterback Country, a Quarterback Training and Development Company, soccer, bow hunting, inflatables, Moonpie Mama face painting, music by Dr. Feelgood, a picnic supper, Cammie’s Old Dutch, a silent auction, and more! There’s nothing like it in Mobile,” she adds.

No stranger to giving, Mindy has fostered this special event since its inception for four years now, and all to benefit Mobile’s beloved Wilmer Hall. “I’ve always loved volunteering to help others,” she says. “It feels good to see improvements in other people’s lives. Wilmer Hall is so special to me because it’s all about the kids! They are so loved and so enriched and cared for there.” Mindy also has 10 years of event planning experience and says that blending the two felt like the perfect mix. “Wilmer Hall has been around for so long and does amazing work,” she says. “They were an easy choice to work with. I remember my aunt volunteering there when I was a kid. Their impact in the community and on our young people is phenomenal; they are really changing lives!”

Locally adored, Wilmer Hall Children’s Home is a non-profit faith-based organization that serves local children and young adults in need through programs such as tutoring, success tools, and on-campus living, in addition to a transitional family program and more. Interestingly, Mindy says it takes roughly $23,000 to care for a mom and her child for one year. “Our goal each year is to hit that mark and know we are directly affecting a family’s life, and all monies raised at the event go to Wilmer Hall,” Mindy shares.

For Wilmer Hall’s Director of Development, Mae Dennis, “Funds raised go toward our operating costs and supporting our programs that serve 195 young people. We are so thankful for Mindy and our committee, who are dedicated to helping. It is so special to have all these mothers on board raising awareness and funds, especially for the young mothers who live here,” she says, adding that about half of Wilmer Hall’s residents are single mothers and their children. “I love seeing them enjoy this event and just having fun with our community,” Mae says. “As a new mom myself, I’ve learned how important it is to surround yourself with a positive, encouraging community, and this event helps to do that for our young mothers.”

But Mindy adds that she couldn’t put on the event alone. “We have an amazing committee consisting of Brooke Dodson, Miranda Dismukes, Chelsea Francis, Emily White, Bryant Wood, Catherine Tubbs, Sarah Brock, Johannah Bullard, Jessica Delaney, Jennifer Frazer, Jacqueline Dubroc, and Ashley Rice Lieb,” Mindy shares, and with such a stellar team behind her, a good time is guaranteed for all. “There are no age requirements – bring your babies, toddlers, and teenagers, as there is something for all,” she adds. “Happening on October 6, there is no cutoff date for tickets and yes, tickets can be purchased at the event. For a mother/son pair, tickets are $40, and $10 for each additional child with a max charge of $60 and includes all the games, sports clinics, food, and fun,” Mindy says. Our response? Wow! What a deal! After all, bonding with our boys is priceless.

Mother / Son Fied Day

October 6, 2019


Wilmer Hall Children’s Home (Back Lawn)

3811 Old Shell Road, Mobile