Let’s Face It.


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By Keylee Fillingim

With Friday night football upon us, sports injuries are inevitable. We’ve all seen horrific injuries happen on national television and can’t help but wonder, “Will this happen to someone close to me?” And more specifically, “What if it’s a facial injury?” From broken jaws to knocked out teeth, Dr. Mullenix is ready with a game plan and here to help with all the possible outcomes your athlete could face. The best part? He takes emergency appointments, and referrals are not necessary.

With more than 5 million teeth knocked loose or completely out each year (most during sports activities), finding the right doctor or surgeon when an accident occurs is crucial. Extremely qualified and in practice for 17 years, Dr. Mullenix is an expert in oral and maxillofacial surgeries including facial reconstruction, tooth removals, and dental implants. “With the unique distinction of being the only facial physicians who have a dental degree in the Bay area,” shares Dr. Mullenix, “this gives us a distinct advantage when the injury also involves the structures of the mouth, as there is no injury too complicated for our team.”

Furthermore, he explains, “Nowadays, we all have our own personal dentist for checkups and cleanings. However, when it comes to mouth injuries and surgery, patients need someone who is well-trained and can reconstruct with ease. Our team is trained to work with patients’ dentists as well as with their other physicians, as communication between health care providers is key. This gives us an advantage to be able to care for the patient straight from the emergency room all the way to the final aspects of reconstruction when necessary,” he adds, stressing the fact that swapping from one doctor to another often puts patients at a disadvantage due to miscommunication.

As a partner of USA Athletics, Dr. Mullenix has years of experience treating athletes from local schools and colleges. Having treated every facial injury imaginable such as dislocated and fractured jaws to knocked out/avulsed teeth, he is dedicated to helping athletes experience a seamless recovery to get back on the field. Coaching and growing up playing multiple sports themselves, Dr. Mullenix and partner Dr. Aaron Wallender know firsthand the demands on modern athletes and the need to minimize recovery time. “We know the importance of returning to the field pre-injury form and completely recovered and that is our priority,” Dr. Mullenix says.

So as we head to the fields this year, take comfort in having a game plan of your own knowing Dr. Mullenix and his crew at Mobile Oral Surgery will be there to help you if a loved one happens to incur a facial injury (or lose a tooth or two). Now, that’s what we call a victory.


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