Minimal & Modern


By Caroline Edmondson

As creative director for U&I Boutique here in Mobile, Hunter Anderson spends her days photographing their clothing and models and using the images to create visual stories for use on their website ( and social media platforms (@uandiboutique). Much like the store in which she works, Hunter loves edgy, experimental outfits, citing Lady Gaga as her personal fashion icon because of her empirical and daring style. “She’s truly a style maverick, and her looks are works of art,” Hunter says. “I wear a lot of black hoping you’ll mistake me for a professional or a secret agent,” she jokes. “In reality I’m a sucker for all things sparkly, metallic, and holographic.” She quips that her favorite season for fashion is Halloween, if it counts as one. “I love how costume occasions offer a socially safe opportunity for people to try on a new persona, or perhaps even express otherwise hidden sides to their personality on a subconscious level,” Hunter says. “Also, DIY costumes are fantastic for flexing your creative muscles.” Hunter can always be found with her favorite leopard shoes on her feet “because they go with everything,” she insists. “Leopard print is a neutral – you can’t change my mind!” Hunter shops online and in person but admits that online shopping is a lot safer since she has a habit of impulse buying anything that catches her eye in stores. “I come home with things like neon signs, glitter bath bombs, or 12 pairs of sequin socks,” she says. “Online shopping is safer! If I see something shiny, I can hit ‘save for later.’ Amazon is the best for online shopping – if you know, you know. If you’ve never had 74 items in your Amazon cart at once, then you probably don’t know.” In her down time, Hunter loves spending time with her family on their wharf and watching Netflix with her boyfriend and three fur-children. “Sebastian and Baby are 4 years old. I rescued them together as kittens, and Queenie is the oldest at 5 years old.” So, what tops Hunter’s most repurchased accessory list online? A lint roller (she jokes that you can thank her cats for that one)!