Social Media Focus for Moms

Kristi Bush

While most of us are familiar with Mobile’s Focus Women’s Conference, many of us may not be familiar with all the dangers our children face on the internet. From predators to finding balance, Focus’ guest speaker Kristi Bush shares the tools, statistics, and the reality check we all need.

By Hayley Hill

The third annual Focus Women’s Conference is set for October 4, 2019, at the Mobile Convention Center. Author, speaker, and child abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart will serve as this year’s keynote speaker, but that is just the beginning of what organizers say will be an inspiring day of workshops, speakers, networking, and relationship building.

“When I started Focus, I wanted to create something for everyone,” says founder Devin Ford. “Our team has worked hard to provide a well-rounded group of speakers from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Whether you run your own small business, work in the corporate world, or are a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle, there is something for everybody at Focus.”

In addition to Elizabeth’s keynote address, guests will have the option to attend multiple breakout sessions throughout the day. The full conference schedule includes a range of presentations on everything from professional development to personal health. The hardest part may be deciding which ones to attend! 

As a mom of three teenagers, one session in particular really stood out: “Kids & Social Media; Balancing Safety & Reality” presented by Kristi Bush. We reached out to Kristi to learn more about her background and what we can expect from her session.

A former social worker for more than 15 years, Kristi now serves as a child advocate in the social media space through her company, KB Communications. She travels the country guiding and empowering parents on social media and educating them on how to keep children safe.

So how does one go from social worker to social media specialist? Kristi says it was a firsthand experience. “I started my business after we experienced an incident in our home. It left us devastated. I knew immediately that I had to help moms in similar circumstances.”

Kristi continues, “Our children are being exposed to adult content at an alarming rate. The rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide continue to rise due to constant unrestricted device time; sex trafficking is at an all-time high; and predators have constant access to our children at the click of a button. This is happening in our town. This is happening in your school. This is happening in your community. This is why it is my undying passion to educate and empower as many parents as I can,” she says.

Any parent can relate to the constant concern for his or her child’s safety online. But due to social media's ever-changing landscape, Kristi says they are simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. That’s where she comes in. In her session at Focus, she will teach parents tools they can use at home to make the social media conversations and monitoring easier. 

“The exhaustion and frustration I noticed in parents became the basis for my empowerment and why I started on this mission,” Kristi says. “I teach parents what kids really have access to, because they won't tell you. It is my job to take the ‘hard’ out of social media navigation.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that when Devin contacted Kristi about being a presenter at the conference, she was ecstatic! “Our goals align perfectly and I’m so excited to help empower the women and fellow moms in our community,” Kristi says. “Knowledge truly is power, and this conference provides a beautiful platform for women of all backgrounds to come together, learn from one another, and support one another in a safe space. It is an opportunity to invest in ourselves," Kristi says. "We deserve it. Our children deserve it.”

 For a full schedule of events and information on general admission, group tables, and VIP packages, visit FocusWC.com.