The Art Of Accessorizing


By Chappell Brady

Having been born in Washington D.C. and raised in New Orleans, fashion and Hemline have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I started shopping at Hemline (it’s a chain if you didn’t know!) when I was 15, and it’s always had an impact on me. It was a source of style and a place I could always find something new that I loved. My friends in high school who worked there would suggest outfits, and I quickly fell in love with the textures and fabrics they offered. Those friends turned into lawyers, nurses, teachers, and some have their own Hemlines like me. Hemline isn’t just a store; it’s a family. Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine (my parents endured listening to several of my entrepreneurial ideas). I’m constantly thinking about our world, the community, and the ways in which we can improve. Seven years ago, around when I first moved to Mobile, I was shopping in New Orleans and (of course) stopped at Hemline. I was so happy to be there and asked about the opportunity to open a Hemline in Mobile. Everyone was so receptive of the concept, and we were then able to make that dream a reality.

Being in the industry, my style is a combination of both the trends that surface to the top and comfort. Royals and rock stars have always influenced my style, but now the ladies I work with at Hemline influence me. When I am buying, something will remind me of a sales associate or a customer and I’ll think, “they would love this!” It reminds me that they each have their own personal style that shines from the inside. They are good at dressing for their body types and we are each so unique. We carry a variety of styles at Hemline, which are constantly evolving. Throughout the years I’ve learned that we want to be smart about our buying and feel good in what we wear. I love fun accessories; sparkly heels have always caught my eye! We try to carry a wide selection of eye-catching accessories at the store because the right earring, shoe, or clutch can really elevate an outfit. When it comes to buying accessories to sell in store, I ask myself, “Would I give this to my friend as a gift?” Every accessory in Hemline has gotten my stamp of approval!

I also love fall fashion. There are so many fabulous trends coming up for the season, which I’m excited about! Some of my favorites are: embellished sweaters; midis and short skirts (whether pleated or printed); loafers or heels to pair with crop flares; animal print clutches; and earrings for any neckline, but especially high necklines (lightning bolts, flowers, metal works, and champagne bottle shaped earrings make for fun accessories). Of course, I also love pairing classics like my grandmother’s pearls and my vintage Chanel bags with my modern looks. Ultimately, finding the perfect mix between classic and chic makes for the ideal outfit.