Tongue & Groove


Have you ever dreamed of partying like Gatsby or sipping on forbidden cocktails in a speakeasy during the Prohibition? Well, now is your chance to journey back in time to the 1920s at Fairhope’s speakeasy-style bar, Tongue & Groove Drinkery and Wine Bar. Featuring hand crafted cocktails made with the freshest ingredients and an inviting atmosphere, you’ll feel as glamourous as Gatsby himself.

By Caroline Edmondson


Opened in the fall of 2016, Tongue & Groove was owner Dr. James Corte’s first venture into the bar business. After realizing that Fairhope needed an upscale speakeasy-type bar for stylish adults to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and great beer and wine, Dr. Corte decided Tongue & Groove would be the perfect addition to the downtown area. “The space is small yet cozy, so it was better suited to develop a prohibition-style speakeasy or secret drinking room,” Dr. Corte shares. The atmosphere is warm, rich, and comfortable, making it the perfect place for after-work beer or wine rounds, and yet elegant enough to host nice events like birthdays or rehearsal parties. “The antique Baldwin oak boards that are on the walls are fashioned together using the tongue and groove method. It describes how our drinks are made: quality ingredients and craftsmanship that you won’t find at most bars,” Dr. Corte shares.

 When it comes to the drinks on the menu, Tongue & Groove offers a large selection of specialty cocktails such as Obi-Juan, Lavender Ledia, and Dead Man Walking – just to name a few. Each cocktail is made with the freshest ingredients sourced locally. Their bestselling cocktail is the Old Fashioned (which also happens to be Dr. Corte’s favorite), made with Bullet Rye, Angoaturu Bitters, Orange Bitters, Donurara Syrup, Muddled Cherry, and Muddled Orange. “The Old Fashioned has become the new go-to cocktail in speakeasy bars,” he shares. And although their barman can make nearly anything, Tongue & Groove prefers to make classic cocktails by combining layers of the best spirits and freshly made ingredients and bitters. “Simple one and one (Gin/Tonic) drinks are great, but I want our guests to try something different and yummy and so delicious that as soon as they taste it, they want to know what’s in it, how it’s made, and more importantly, ask, ‘May I have another?’” he jokes. So next time you’re in Fairhope and craving a refreshing drink, keep an eye out for Tongue & Groove’s secret location… you might just miss it.


Tongue & Groove

77 S. Section St.

Fairhope, AL